High-Quality Expertise in Building Design and Construction in Fell Lapland

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Talo Kontrolli Ltd offers extensive experience and strong expertise in building design, construction, and renovation in the Fell Lapland region.

Talo Kontrolli Ltd

Talo Kontrolli Ltd is a new company, but the entrepreneur has a degree in civil engineering and over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. We offer our customers versatile expertise covering everything from project planning to implementation. We build new and renovate old buildings.


We carry out all our work listening to the customer's wishes and with high quality — getting it right the first time. We serve in Fell Lapland, covering areas such as Levi and other areas in Kittilä, as well as Ylläs and other areas in Kolari. Contact us for more information!

Quality through Good Planning

We ensure the success of construction and renovation projects through good planning and supervision. Our services include site supervision, building design, project planning, and project management:

  • We provide you with a trained and experienced site supervisor.

  • We take care of all aspects of building design according to your needs: structural design, architectural design, and building services design.

  • We also offer project planning when you need to find a suitable renovation approach for an existing property.

  • We work as your project management partner, ensuring that the project progresses according to the agreed schedule and budget.

Versatile Construction and Renovation

We have diverse practical expertise in construction and renovation. Our specialties include indoor and outdoor tiling work, such as bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling, and terrace tiling.


We have the certified waterproofing skills required for bathroom renovations and extensive experience in similar tasks. Contact us and request a quote!

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Safe, Healthy, and Durable

Quality in construction and renovation means to us that the end result is safe, healthy, and durable. The foundation of quality lies in adhering to industry regulations and standards. We plan everything meticulously. We also carry out our work carefully and only use high-quality materials.


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Remember the Tax Credit for Household Expenses!

You can get tax relief when you have basic improvement or renovation work done on your home or holiday property by a professional. Such work includes painting, wallpapering, tiling, and installing floors.


For more information on the tax credit for household expenses, you can visit the tax authorities' website. Check it out and contact our professionals!

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Strengths of Our Company

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Our company offers you over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

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Our versatile expertise covers building design, construction, and renovation.

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You can contact us whenever it suits you. We can often help you on short notice.